Who We Are


Arisan Ince
Chief Executive Officer

Arisan Ince is a co-founder and CEO of BioCapSOL. His expertise is in system engineering with specific focus on the selection of the process equipment and procurement. He is a part of the Management Team at Arisan Chemical Company, a major producer and distributor of chemicals across Turkey, Europe and Asia.


Area of expertise:
– Full Time Product Group Manager, Textile, Water Treatment, Construction, Paper Industries.
– Purchasing, Sales & Stock Strategies.
– Consultant for Dry Laundry, Production Systems, IT Systems.

Arisan Ince


Dr. Serdar Cevik

Dr. Serdar Cevik received his PhD from Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University in 2013. His dissertation focused on the design and application of nanotechnology based biosensors via integration of biological molecules (DNA, antibodies, cells and enzymes) and other (bio) receptors with micro and nano structures. These sensors are designed to be utilized in diagnostics, environmental monitoring as well as safety and security applications.

Dr. Cevik is responsible for R&D activities including the development of extraction processes, purification, encapsulation and characterization of the biological extracts. He also conducts research activities on alternative technologies within the application and focus areas of BioCapSOL.

Areas of expertise:
‐ Nanoparticles synthesis and characterization.
‐ Nanoparticle based sensors and biosensors.
‐ Development of new analytical characterization methods.

Dr. Serdar Cevik


Development Engineer

Baris Önsel
Research and development Engineer

Mr. Basris Onsel works as a research and development engineer at BioCapSOL. His primary responsibilities are adaptation of the established extraction and formulation processes to the high-volume manufacturing via specifications and assuring the regulatory requirements.

Mr. ÖNSEL graduated from Mersin University with BSc. Degree in chemistry. He is experienced in instrumental analysis and chromatography techniques. He has worked on laboratorial accreditation, method-validation, method development and latest chromatographic- spectroscopic analyses prior to his current position with BioCapSOL.

Baris Önsel


Business Consultant

Mr. Jason Lau
Consultant on Financial Analyses

Jason Lau is an expert in social and corporate entrepreneurship, business models, business problem modeling, excel and databases and non-profit development.

He is a Managing Partner at the Core Consultancy, a consulting firm that specializes in corporate entrepreneurship. Mr. Lau facilitates content development and training at The Core. He has also worked as the development manager at the Fundraising Department of the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) where he was in charge of utilizing entrepreneurship approaches to develop new revenue sources for the organization via public, private and mass channels. Mr. Lau also served as the entrepreneurship and new ventures manager at the Koç University, launching the KU Incubation Center providing guidance for academic and alumni technology-based startups.

Area of expertise:
‐ Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship.
‐ Business Problem Modeling, Excel and Databases.
‐ Non-Profit Development.

Jason Lau