Locations & Facilities

  • BioCapSol Ozyegin University Lab
  • BioCapSol Ozyegin University Lab

BioCapSOL will operate out of two facilities; the research and development is conducted at the Technopark Istanbul facilities in Istanbul Turkey and the manufacturing facility in Bursa, Turkey adjacent to the Merko tomato paste processing plant.

BioCapSOL has secured an exclusive agreement with Merko, Turkey’s largest producer-exporter of processed tomato products, to procure a large, regular supply of raw materials for lycopene, i.e. tomato skins, etc.

Following, the extraction of 100% pure lycopene from the dried tomato skins, the functionalization will take place at the Teknopark Istanbul laboratory in Istanbul. Based on the needs of the specific customer groups, and shipment orders, the extracts will be produced sustainably and packaged to maintain the best stability and shelf-life.


BioCapSol Operations