Functional Additives


In order to address the functional additives market applications, BioCapSOL is able to functionalize bioextracts through capsulation procedures to provide controlled release of the active ingredients in order to achieve self-healing and anti-microbial activities.

BioCapSOL’s functionalized capsules can be used as additives in textile applications as body worn insect repellents. To ensure flexible, uniform, breathable and long lasting repellent coating layers, textiles can be manufactured by optimized finishing aolutions including active capsules as a component.

The market for such application ranges from military uses to people working in agriculture, forestry and construction or simply individuals going for hikes, etc. Tick-borne encephalitis, and more recently, the Zika virus, are dangerous insect-borne that could be avoided with the right clothing. This allows BioCapSOL the opportunity to offer natural and safe alternatives to toxic synthetic insect repellent applications at an affordable cost level.