Biological Extracts


BioCapSol Food Coloring BioCapSOL’s technology is capable of extracting the active ingredients from plants by using bio-based formulations. The patented process can be implemented to any plant to extract the active ingredients that are found at ppm levels. Some examples are lycopene and carotenoids from yellow to red coloring range, curcumin from turmeric which has the deep yellow to orange range and anthocyanins (black carrots) within the pink to purple coloring range.

Food Coloring

Through the patented technological processes BioCapSOL extracts lycopene from tomato paste plant by-products and encapsulates it to be used as yellow to red food coloring while meeting the standards of taste and shelf life demanded by the food/cosmetics/pharmaceuticals manufacturers. Specifically, lycopene produced by using BioCapSOL’s patented process provides an endurance of lycopene in confectionery and dairy products as a food colorant without degradation.

Overall, by changing the fundamental cost structure of lycopene production, using waste by-products rather than cultivating their own tomatoes, BioCapSOL’s lycopene can be priced competitively with high margins, thereby uniquely positioned to engage in the yellow to red food coloring market.


Lycopene Bio-Extract

BioCapSol Lycopene Red pigment belongs to the carotenoid family.

    ‐ Provide Detox Effect.
    ‐ Lower Cancer Risk.
    ‐ Lower Heart Disease Risk.
    ‐ Lowers Skin Ageing.
    ‐ Reduces the risk of asthma.
    ‐ Reduces the risk of lung disorders.
    ‐ Reduces boldness.


BioCapSOL’s lycopene

    ‐ Use of by-product from tomato paste for sustainable production.
    ‐ Use organic methods for pure extraction of lycopene.
    ‐ Provides technologies to protect extracted lycopene from degradation by UV light.