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  • BioCapSol Ozyegin University Lab



BioCapSOL specializes the extraction of biological content from plants and vegetables using benign chemistries and functionalizing the plant extracts to make them suitable to the end application. BioCapSOL develops process technologies to provide capability of controlled release to activate the natural ingredient as a function of time, temperature, chemical and physical conditions via encapsulation technology.

The application areas can vary within the extensive fields as the synthesis and characterization of the natural extracts and their functionalization extending from nanotechnology, biotechnology, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals towards many standard industrial applications.

Through these patented technological processes BioCapSOL primarily extracts lycopene from tomato waste, which is an industrial by-product and prepare it to be used for the yellow to red food coloring, while meeting the standards of taste and shelf life demanded by the food manufacturers. Other natural extracts available are the carotenoids, anthocyanin and curcumin to cover the natural food color range within purple to red through the bright yellow.


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Biological Extracts

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Functional Additives

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